Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Globacom Nigeria commissions LTE‎(4G) Network

Globacom Nigeria has launched a 4G-LTE (Long Term Evolution) network to deliver higher data speed and reliability, reports LTE World.
It is the state of art technology and we will now connect demanding corporate customers and high data users through the latest 4G-LTE wireless broadband connection to Glo 1 and then the rest of the world,” said Mr Mohamed Jameel, Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer during a recent discussion with the press.
LTE would enhance consumers’ browsing experience. It will further enhance more demanding applications like interactive TV, mobile video blogging, advanced games or professional services, enable more Nigerians to be on top of their game and thereby ruling their world”, he added.
Last year, Globacom launched its US$600 million submarine fibre optic cable (Glo-1) in Nigeria.
Glo-1 is one of three submarine fibre cables in Nigeria, the other two being MainOne Cable owned by MainOne Cable Company Ltd, and SAT-3 owned by the Nigeria Telecommunications (Nitel) Plc.
The Chairman of Globacom, Chief Mike Adenuga, said the launch was in line with the promise of the company to bring about change for the better in the communication landscape of the country. According to him, “Glo-1 would provide clearer voice calls, sufficient bandwidth at affordable prices as well as a high-speed Internet service.”

Friday, January 21, 2011


   What is MTN PayGo?

MTN PayGo is a simple tariff plan that we designed with the aim of empowering you to do so much more with your mobile phone without having to pay more.

So don't be surprised that MTN PayGo has everything you ever wanted in a mobile plan and so much more!!!


          1. MAGIC NUMBER 
          2. HAPPY-HOUR

   Why MTN PayGo?
Some of the benefits of being on the MTN PAYGO plan are:

    * You get a simple price plan with no hidden access charges, easy-to-use products and services that give you true value!!!
    * You enjoy the cheapest call rates ever (20k/second) to 4 MTN numbers, 1 international number, and 1 number from any other GSM network with MTN Family & Friends
    * You can enjoy uninterrupted FREE calls for one month between you and your special someone with MTN Magic Number
    * You can get better value on the amount you spend on your phone by buying an MTN Bundle bundles of voice minutes and SMS at discounted rates.

                      What are the tariffs on MTN PAYGO?

The table below shows the tariffs you can enjoy when you are on the MTN PAYGO plan:

                                 MTN PAYGO TARRIF
MTN-to-MTN     50 kobo per second
                        Other Voice Calls
MTN-to-Other:                            58 kobo per second

West and Central Africa:               53 kobo per second

MTN Group Networks:                    58 kobo per second

International Zone 1:                  67 kobo per second

Zone 2 - Small Island:                 NGN1.25 per second

Zone 3 - Satellite and Thuraya:        NGN11.67 per second

MTN-to-MTN:                            NGN5.00

MTN-to-Other:                          NGN10.00

WECA                                   NGN10.00

International:                         NGN15.00

MMS:                                   NGN60.00

Data:                                  5 Kobo per kilobyte
                                          Changing Plans

First change in 30 days:               FREE

Next change in 30 days:                NGN100.00
Family and Friends

Family and Friends calls:             20 kobo/sec

                                     Getting MTN PayGo

To get on to the MTN PayGo plan is simple.

If you are an existing prepaid customer, simply text 400 to 131.

You will get a message welcoming you to the MTN PayGo plan as soon as you do this.

If you do not use an MTN SIM, simply buy one; register your new SIM at any MTN Friendship Centre, Connect Store or Registration Point and then text 400 to 131 to get on the MTN PayGo plan.

                                       MTN TALK ON

(2)      What is MTN TalkOn?

If you make long calls to lots of people, MTN TalkOn is the best plan for you.

On MTN TalkOn, your first minute of call during the day will be charged at 50 kobo per second. After your first minute of calls, your MTN-to-MTN will then be charged at 25 kobo per second. No access fee, no hidden charges!!! Now that is what TRU VALUE is!!!

Also on MTN TalkOn, you will have access to life-enriching services, value adding bundles, and the lowest international call rates.

On this plan, you will enjoy:


What is MTN Select?

MTN Select allows MTN's TalkOn customers to call any one of the Eight (8) most frequently called international destinations at discounted rates.

The Eight most frequently called international destinations are USA, Canada UK, South Africa, China, Saudi Arabia, India and Lebanon.

What are the benefits of MTN Select?

MTN Select allows you register one international destination as your MTN Select destination. You can then call any number at this destination at a discounted rate, giving you more talk time and better value.

How do I make calls to MTN Select?

To make calls to your Select Destination, simply text the access code of the country of your choice and send to 131. E.g. if USA is your SELECT, simply text ADD SELECT US to 131.You can only select one country at a time.

When you select USA as your MTN Select destination, all calls from your phone to a U.S. destination will be charged at 20 kobo per second (the MTN Select tariff rate for USA)
The access codes and rates for MTN Select are in the table below:

Country     Country Code     SMS Command to 131     Fixed Rates     Mobile Rates


USA                US            ADD SELECT US             20k/sec         20k/sec


Canada             CA            ADD SELECT CA             20k/sec         20k/sec


China              CN            ADD SELECT CN             20k/sec          20k/sec


India              IN              ADD SELECT IN           20k/sec           20k/sec


UK                UK               ADD SELECT UK          20k/sec          41.667k/sec


SA               RSA              ADD SELECT RSA        41.667k/sec        41.667k/sec


Saudi Arabia     KSA              ADD SELECT KSA       41.667k/sec         41.667k/sec


Lebanon        LE                  ADD SELECT LE        41.667k/sec        41.667k/sec

  How much does MTN Select cost?

To register MTN Select is FREE within a 30 day period. Subsequent change within a 30 day period cost N100. You can only register one country as your Preferred International Destination at any point in time.

Remember that MTN Select is exclusive to customers on the MTN TalkOn plan.

Summary of commands for MTN Select :

        Action                                      Command (text to 131)

To register a destination                         ADD SELECT <destination code>

To view a destination                             VIEW SELECT

To change a destination                           CHANGE SELECT <destination code>

                                         BUNDLES AVAILABLE ON BOTH PLANS ARE:

MTN HappyLink Bundle

Cost:                     NGN400.00

Bundle content:           1. 22 MTN-to-MTN minutes
                          2. 30 MTN-to-MTN SMS

MTN FunLink Bundle

Cost:                NGN1500.00

Bundle content:      1. 60 MTN-to-MTN minutes
                     2. 200 MTN-to-MTN SMS

MTN SmartLink Bundle

Cost:                  NGN6000.00

Bundle content:    1. 250 National- minutes
                   2. 250 National- SMS

What is MTN Magic Number?
MTN Magic Number allows you register one MTN number as your Magic Number. You can then make FREE calls to your Magic Number all day, every day for 30 days. Your Magic Number can also make FREE calls to you all day, every day for 30 days.
  • With MTN Magic Number, you will be able to register that special person you always want to speak with and enjoy uninterrupted FREE calls at any time of the day for one month.
  • Also, the person you register will also enjoy the same uninterrupted FREE calls anytime she/he calls your number during the one month validity period.
  • So If you have that special person (Friend, family member, Boss at work etc) you would like to talk to for FREE at any point in time, then My Magic Number is for you!
How much does it cost to use MTN Magic Number?
Inviter Invitee
Cost for One Month Subscription N250.00 FREE
How do I register my MTN Magic Number?
To register an MTN Magic number, you must invite the person you want as your magic number by dialling *563*MSISDNB# where MSISDN is the number of the person that you want to be your magic number e.g. *563*0803 8901234#.
If your “invitee” decides to accept your invite, s/he will dial *563*1*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number e.g. *563*0803 1234567.
NGN250 will then be deducted from your MTN TalkOn or PayGo account as soon as your “invitee” accepts your invite. Note that your invitee will not be charged for accepting your invite.
Now you can call your MTN Magic Number for FREE all day, every day for 30 days and your MTN Magic Number can call you for FREE all day, every day for 30 days.
NOTE: You cannot change your magic number within those 30 days i.e. your MTN Magic Number will be the same for 30 days.
If your “invitee” decides to reject your invite, s/he will dial *563*2*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number e.g. 0803 1234567.
How do I view my MTN Magic Number?
You can view your MTN Magic Number by dialling *563#.
Summary of Magic Number commands
Action Command
To register a magic number *563*Magic Number#
To view a magic number *563#
To accept an invitation *563*1*Magic Number#
To reject an invitation *563*2*Magic Number#
   Pls note that you can't delete added number within that 30 days.....

For further information  visit: www.mtnonline.com
or dial *123# from your MTN SIM.