Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ETISALAT TV Commercial Advert : Utterly tasteless!


 If there is an Etisalat TV commercial advert that simply lacks depth and creativity, it is the current one where two (sloppy) ladies who “think they are hot and don't talk to just anybody…” as they enter a party scene and have guys flocking around them. One of them betrays the other by giving out her number she writes on a piece of paper to guys who stand in line and take turns to have her number. She later explains to the other she gives hers out because “we use an Etisalat line remember” then the other asks who wants hers too.
The way the ladies stroll into the club lack finesse judging by the fact there are even better dressed and more beautiful girls at the party which makes one wonder why those two are seen as the “hot ones.” The club scene is more like a slumber party. It's also funny that the other lady has to be reminded she has an Etisalat number before she gave hers out!
What leaves one amazed is the fact that Etisalat has the guys producing a piece of paper to take numbers the girl wrote down! What happens to their mobile phones? And for crying out loud, isn't it ridiculous to see the dudes brandishing pens and papers in a nightclub when it is not a classroom?

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