Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As part of Etisalat Group commitment to serve its customers round the clock and following the recent successful launch of first Sub-Saharan Africa operator branded application store in Tanzania, Etisalat continues to roll out more apps stores across its international operations.
Today, Etisalat announced the commercial launch of first application store in Nigeria.
The service was introduced in partnership between Etisalat and Emitac Mobile Solutions (EMS). The new offering provides Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry smartphone users the access to a wide array of locally relevant contents.
Users can now discover, download and enjoy a wide array of mobile applications for their BlackBerry smartphone in a variety of categories including entertainment, games, social networking, news, weather and productivity.
Among "Etisalat Nigeria" many first historic services in Nigeria and Africa, this new service offering aims also to encourage Young Nigerian apps developers to design stellar and innovative apps that enhance users experience and at the same time nourishes local talent and creating commercial opportunities for them.
Mr. Essa Al Haddad, Etisalat Group Chief Marketing Officer, said, "We are delighted to introduce first in Sub-Saharan Africa operator branded apps store. This is another milestone for Etisalat Group. "Zantel" was our first station " Nigeria" the second in raw and more on the pipeline.
Al Haddad added, "The elevated demand for BlackBerry apps in Africa is behind this move besides, our continuous commitment to Nigeria and the Nigeria's applications developer's to bring the latest in technology and applications to the market. We look forward to seeing rich catalog of personal and business oriented apps produced in Nigeria."
Al Haddad stated, "Partnering with a company such as EMS will enable transformational of end-user experiences in Nigeria and Africa and deliver on our promise to change the communications experience of our customers and the way people communicate."
Mr. Babar Khan, CEO, EMS, said, "Our partnership with Etisalat is substantial. We are very excited to venture the new app store platform with Etisalat in Nigeria. This will be a rich content experience for all BlackBerry users. Fully branded Etisalat portal allows customers to browse for the particular apps, ringtones, download Nigeria specific content or receive latest relevant news from trusted African publisher. Device personalization section of the portal will allow customers to turns BlackBerry device into a cool, customized and truly different device."
In order to access the service and enjoy a pool of application, information and entertainment services, customers just need to click on the link:
http://www.etisalat.com.ng/appstore directly from their Blackberry device.
Etisalat apps store application will be automatically installed on the smartphone.

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