Thursday, April 26, 2012


Globacom has unveiled a new roaming service which offers a uniform local tariff and allows the use of local Glo recharge cards in any visited Glo network country. This service is called UNIWORLD, this service offering enables both prepaid and postpaid subscribers in Nigeria, Benin Republic and Ghana to enjoy seamless unbroken communication at uniform affordable rates in the different countries. Announcing the new offer at a press conference,Executive Director, Adewale Sangowawa, said that "UniWorld unifies the 3 Glo network countries by creating a Virtual Home Environment which allows seamless communications at transparent affordable rates across the borders. Postpaid and Prepaid Subscribers can now recharge with local Glo recharge cards in Nigeria, Ghana or Benin while roaming and enjoy all roaming services at very affordable rates. Subscribers who roam across the three countries will be charged the same uniform localized rate irrespective of where they are calling from. Customer’s bills will be rated in Naira, Cedi or CFA depending on subscriber’s Glo home country." He explained that the UniWorld concept was to enable Glo subscribers to enjoy an unbroken connection across the three countries. “With UniWorld, Glo subscribers in our 3 operating countries will enjoy a uniform local tariff across Nigeria, Ghana and Benin denominated in the currency of your home network. For instance, if a Glo Benin Republic subscriber comes to Nigeria, he will pay the same unified uniform local rates as when he is roaming on Glo Benin and vice versa,” Sangowawa said. Besides the local tariffs for roaming, Glo has also made recharging much easier as all its subscribers roaming in any of the Glo networks can enjoy the flexibility of recharging with local Glo recharge cards in his visited destination. Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: @NigeriaTeleNews

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Nigeria Telecommunication giant MTN, has launched a new call tariff plan named MTN Pulse, this plan offers a tariff that makes it possible for MTN Pulse subscribers to call other MTN Pulse subscribers at the rate of 10k/sec or N6/min after the first minute which will be charged at 58k/sec.
Calls to other MTN numbers that are not on the MTN Pulse tariff plan are charged at the rate of 30k/sec or N18/min, while calls made to other networks in Nigeria are charged at 35k/sec or N21/min.


Calls from MTN Pulse to MTN Pulse : 10k/Sec*
Calls from MTN Pulse to other MTN numbers : 30k/sec
Calls from MTN Pulse to other networks: 35k/sec

*All above call rate applies after the first minute of call for the day at 58 kobo/sec*


1. MTN Pulse Data Bonus on Recharge.

MTN Pulse Data Bonus on Recharge is a service that offers you FREE 10MB of data for internet browsing after recharging up to N100 on your account.

You will only receive the FREE 10MB of data once in every seven days no matter the number of times you recharge your account.

*All unused data expires in 7days after the day its been received*

2. FREE MTN - MTN calls daily during Happy Hour from 12:30am to 4:30am, with a minimum balance of N100.

*Remember, to enjoy the N6/min or 10k/sec call, your receiver must also be on MTN Pulse*

To migrate to MTN Pulse, dial *406# or send the keyword "406" to "131".

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