Friday, October 25, 2013


L-R  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MTN Nigeria, Mr. Michael Ikpoki and Group Managing Director (GMD), Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Alex Otti during an engagement to formalize a new retail strategic partnership towards the launch of the Diamond Y’ello Account in Lagos.
A comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, to accelerate the launch of a hybrid bank account, the Diamond Y’ello Account that offers an unparalleled combination of financial, telecom, loyalty and lifestyle benefits has been jointly signed by Diamond Bank Plc. and MTN Nigeria. Tagged the Diamond Y’ello Account, the service allows customers to open a Diamond Bank account conveniently from their MTN lines even as the account also offers interest earning benefits as well as access to micro credit. In addition, customers will enjoy friendly call rates and earn loyalty points as they carry out transactions.

Group Managing Director/ CEO of Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Alex Otti said, “One of the major benefits of the Diamond Y’ello Account is that as soon as a customer opens the account from their mobile phones, transactions are done with ease and convenience via their mobile phones. With nearly 100% mobile phone penetration in Nigeria, many more un-banked and under banked Nigerians, regardless of their location, can
now enjoy access to banking with this novel service.”

According to MTN’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ikpoki: “We are absolutely delighted once again to be offering our existing and potential subscribers a new and innovative product that will most definitely change their life styles and the way they manage their finances. We are really excited about Diamond Y’ello Account, and we plan to make use of our existing network and infrastructure all over the country to ensure that we reach as many people as possible especially those who do not have access to banking services.”

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hafeez Ayetoro, ace comedian and Nollywood actor, who has become the face of Etisalat for some years now, has switched network from the GSM company he was known with, to telecom giants MTN.
 It will be recalled that Hafeez’s face became a part of Etisalat branding for years, but NigeriaTelecomNews can authoritatively inform you that the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education lecturer, was given an irresistible amount of money (N20M) to switch allegiance.

MTN just commenced their television commercial for the recently activated Number Portability Scheme with Saka excitedly announcing he has ‘upgraded’ to MTN.
The ad starts with Saka dressed in green traditional attire only to transform into a bright yellow attire as he leads a music band.
I don port o, I don port go MTN. I don upgrade to MTN‘, Saka sings and dances. Credible sources confirm that Saka got paid a whooping N20m for this new deal.
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Monday, April 22, 2013


 We are pleased to announce that "Nigeria Telecom News"(NTN) will be available to BlackBerry users with the launch of our app for BlackBerry® smartphones.
 Available to download free of charge from BlackBerry® World™, the Nigeria Telecom News app will allow users to read the latest telecommunication news while on the move.
 The app has been built by AppFishers using the NTN Really Simple Syndication.

We are delighted to be part of BlackBerry® World and BlackBerry 10 launch . Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013


 Etisalat Nigeria has also dropped the cost of its Unlimited BIS Plan (now rechristened "Absolute") to N1,500 only.
 This marks a 50% reduction in its price from its former price of 3,000 Naira.
The New Absolute Plan gives subscribers access to 11 email addresses (including the Blackberry email), internet, Blackberry protect and a host of social networks. To subscribe for the Absolute Plan
Dial *499*1#  for the monthly plan at the cost 1,500 Naira.
Dial *499*6# for the weekly plan at the 550 Naira.
Dial *499*5# for the daily plan at 100 Naira.


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Etisalat Nigeria has announced a reduction of the cost of its Blackberry Complete Plan (BBC). As of now subscribers to it's BBC can now subscribe to the monthly plan at a reduced price of N1,000 only down from its former price of N1,500.
BBC Plan features:
  • Internet Browsing
  • 1 web-based email account (yahoo, gmail, MSN, etc)
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Instant Messaging on yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talk
  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
  • BlackBerry email (
  • BlackBerry App World.
To subscribe for the BBC Plan
Monthly Plan: Dial *499*3# or Send COM to 399, costs N1000
Weekly Plan: Dial *499*3*1# or Send COW to 399, costs N500
Daily Plan: Dial *499*3*2# or Send COD to 399, costs N100


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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have done what we can be proud of: from 25th of March 2013, you will be able to switch from one telecom network to another and still retain your phone number. Here, let’s break it down some more: assume you have an MTN phone number 0803xxxxxxx. If you want to opt out (port out) of MTN to start using Airtel, you simply move on to Airtel network (port in) and you continue to use your 0803xxxxxxx. Unbelievable? Well, yes, until NCC stepped in. The system that enables it is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP). It’s been in effect in several countries and it is coming live to Nigeria. Here’s how to do it, very simple: Visit your destination network porting center or office or shop or representative and obtain MNP form, fill it out with a valid ID and you are done. The process is supposed to take less than 48hrs. There are however some things you should know before making the switch: 1. You can port out only once in 90 days. 2. Once you port out of a network, any unused credit and megabytes disappear, more like you can’t have your cake and eat it. 3. You will get a new SIM from your destination network (recipient) but you will retain your original phone number. 4. As for contacts stored on your SIM, I don’t know if they follow you to your destination network, but I surely will be among the first persons to port out so I will have more on that by then, but I’ll advise you back up your contacts before porting out. 5. During the duration of the porting, you continue to use your old (donor) network. 6. And relax, porting is absolutely free. Please report anybody that tries to charge you for porting to NCC. Advantages 1. The most obvious advantage is that real healthy competition will start among telecoms companies. Previously, subscribers were locked onto telecoms because of the inconveniences of replacing phone numbers that people have come to know them with. When Glo slash call rates and you happen to be on MTN, to take advantage of the slash, you have to buy a Glo SIM, acquire a new phone number and then create awareness for your new Glo number among your contacts. If you can’t go through the hassle, you just ignore the price slash and continue on your more expensive MTN tariff. But with the latest move by NCC, you can just hop on Glo and enjoy the lower tariff. MTN will most likely make moves to have you back by slashing their tariffs too. If you find the new MTN tariffs to your liking, you can just port in back, all this time retaining your original MTN number. Now that’s what I call competition. 2. No necessity to carry more than one phone. Instead of acquiring another phone to house your extra SIM or getting double or triple-SIM phone, why not just port in to another network and stick to a simpler one-phone one-SIM lifestyle? (in order words, phone-sim monogamy) You charge only one battery, protect only one phone from being stolen, carry around only one charger, have a single ringtone, etc. 3. Funding. If you have more than one line, you have to buy recharge cards for all your lines. But on only one line, you buy less recharge cards. The economics is easy, isn’t it? 4. If you land in a place where, say you have an MTN line and service is not available but you can find Airtel, you can port in to Airtel permanently or for the duration of your stay in that area, then return to your MTN after you leave the area. Isn’t that better than buying another SIM? This should be interesting to Corpers, I think. 5. Businesses can change phone numbers without altering call cards, sign or billboards, repainting vehicles, etc. Miscellaneous 1. New telecoms entering the market will find it easier to snatch subscribers from already existing telecom network. 2. You will no longer be able to tell which network a phone number belongs to by simply studying the digits because the owner might have ported out to another network. 3. The number of active phone lines in the country will reduce because some people will abandon some of their SIMs. Follow Us on Twitter: @NigeriaTeleNews Facebook:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


With the new MTN Collect SMS, you can now stay in touch no matter what. This service allows MTN customers with low airtime, or those who do not want to pay for sending a particular text message, to send an SMS to another MTN customer free of charge. The receiver however, must accept charges for the inbound message. The service thus affords an MTN customer (the recipient) to bear the cost of an incoming SMS from another MTN customer (e.g. family, child, employee, friend etc.).
This service is only available for MTN to MTN customers.

To use the service, subscribers will need to Send their SMS to 38701 followed by the recipients number.